X-Banner Stands

X-Banner standX-Banner Stands

X-Banner : Well built with thick aluminum legs, graphite arms, and a hard PVC hub. Strong supports and a wide base keep this stand sturdy. The support legs are a fixed
length, so when the width of the banner increases, the maximum height decreases.

Available Sizes: 24"x60" | 48"x84"

X-Banner Adjustable


The X-Banner adjustable is highly adjustable with telescoping arms and legs. It can hold banners from 18" up to 40" wide, and from 59" up to 72" tall. It collapses down in one piece and is very light weight. It comes with a drawstring bag.

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X-Banner mini


The X-Banner mini is the best marketing tool to enhance business, as they can be frequently found on the tables of restaurants, bar counters and hotel room side tables, etc. One of the biggest advantages of Desktop X-Banners that it provides businesses an extra exposure.

Available Sizes: